Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just Gettin' Through the Week!

My Mantra is.....

4 More Days...4 More Days...

We really do need a vacation!
Although, I have so much Christmas Prep left that next week will be busier than this one!

And...there better not be anymore "Indoor Recess"!

I would love it if you would take a minute to post your holiday plans in a comment....That way I can see what you all will be up to!
Me.....Entertaining the first week....Florida to visit my Mom the second week!

Thought you would want to know that I have put the links to 3 fun Holiday themed links on the bottom of the Student Resource Page!

And if all else fails....
Don't forget you can always do SUAC!
(That stands for Shut Up And Color)

And just for a giggle....Here are some photos from the Holiday Make and Take on Friday!

 I think Freddie and Corey might just have a new career if this education deal doesn't work out!

Now I am going to go and start scheduling the NWEA Winter Tests....Arghhhh!  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time Saving Tech Tip!

Here is something I learned from the tech department yesterday!

I was bemoaning how long it takes for student log in and log outs....

I was told that if you are only using the computers to access the internet....
and you don't need students to save any document to their  account....

use the Guest Account

This account is accessed by using
User Name: guest account  (the word guest a single space and the word account all in lower case letters)

 One advantage of using this account-students can sit at any computer.  They do not need to always be at the same one.  Nice for grouping students for instructional purposes.

This account would also save time with the computers in the classrooms.

If you have any questions....let me know!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fa la la la la! It's time to Deck the Halls!

You are invited!
To Get Your Craft ON!

Friday, December 9th


PSI Teacher Lunchroom

Make and Take Holiday Decor!

 Cost: $7.00

What We Will Bring!
Dogwood Branches
Pinecones and other decorative add ons
Fresh flowers by request
Hot Glue Gun
Floral Foam
Advice and How To Tips!
Hot Cider and Cocoa!

What YOU should Bring!
An idea of what you want to make!
A container if you want to make a centerpiece!
Any favorite items you

RSVP to Mary by DEC. 3
(the $7 is due then to reserve your spot and so the little elves can go shopping!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great New Video Resource

Hey take a look at this!
Javier, the 2nd grade Amity Intern used this with an art project...Cool Huh?

If you go to You Tube and search "Cantado aprendo a hablar" you will see lots of links to really awesome videos.
It looks like maybe this is a kids show that airs somewhere.
If you want to learn how to embed the videos on your webpage to use.....come see me and I will teach you how.
That is how I did this one!
Thanks Javier!'s a 2 day week for goodness sakes!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Math Resources! Think Central Login Information!

It was fun to see all of you checking out the Math Links on the website at the SD meeting yesterday!

It makes me think that we don't take time often enough to just explore and "play"

Maybe we should do a similar activity with Language Arts activities!

One of the things that was mentioned at the session was a need to get the information about THINK CENTRAL!

Derek was able to forward this information to me from Carrie R-J
Hello- Mary Norwick (Thanks!) has uploaded all of the student information into Think Central (this is the electronic support of Math Expressions). You can create assignments, test, and tutorials.

Students can now access Think Central. Student log in to Think Central is the same as logging in to the computer.

I have attached a power point on Think Central and a PDF on Soar To Success."
I will also forward the that you have access to the PDF and the PPT.
The link to THINK CENTRAL is on the Student Resource Mathematics Link down at the bottom on the left:
 Now I am going to go try out Kara's "just breathing"....found The Hoberman Sphere at Amazon for $11....gotta get me one.....

A 2 Day Week! and a Challenge for YOU!

I bet you are like me and can't wait until next week!

Only 2 days of school....then you probably are heading home to spend time with family. 

That also might mean that you will be working hard in the kitchen or at least at the shopping mall!

So often on short school weeks, I observe teachers trying to cram 5 days of teaching into 2 or 3 days......YIKES!

So my challenge to you as you write the plans for Monday and Tuesday.....
plan for 2's okay!

Now on to how that effects the Library....

We always try to make time for students who NEED books to get them.....
Obviously we can not fit all classes into the 2 days! 

Here is the plan for the Media Center next week (I have run this by Corey and he agrees it is a sensible plan)

  • If your class is on the schedule for M or T-please just come for 15-20 minutes to choose books.  There will be no lesson or story for any classes. 
  • Classes with book choice on W TH or F can sign up for a 15 minute time as long as Lisa knows. 
  • It often makes more sense to just send kids who need books with a pass rather than your whole class. 

Now  raise your right hand....and repeat after me:

I will only try to teach 2 days worth of stuff next week!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The New Copy Machine/Printer -Using it with students!

The student accounts have now been given access to print to the new copy machine printer!

In will soon be the ONLY printer they can select!

There is a simple way for us to set up color and BW choices for the kids.

If we don't do this EVERY thing they print will be treated as color!
A color copy id 4.5 cents.....a BW copy is .5 cents!

This HAS to be done in each account....

I would like each classroom teacher to to schedule 5 minutes at the beginning or the end of a computer session for me to run through the process.

If you want to do it yourself (ha ha ha ha) come see me and I will teach you....

Fifth grade teachers, I will do this during English don't worry!

Google Docs and ATPPS + a story!

 The good news.... Google Docs for SLP is up and running well!

More good news...
if you upload your observation document and share it between BIL and BILLEE you can work collaboratively on your observation paperwork simultaneously!

The bad news....if you can't get in because your password seems to be are out of luck!!!!


To find out the secret, you have to read the story!
So neither Kim OR Chris could get into their docs account.....
No matter what combination of name and PW we used it didn't work!
I called tech support....7315.....they gave me the info that they had!
It matched what we had!  Still no success!
Called Brian....out of the office!
Called Ryland...he said...had to wait for Brian....
Sent a nastygram email...
Got this response!
> watkins.christopher w/ this years password ( numbers repeat at the end to meet password length requirement.)  is working in google"
 What this means is......IF you have a very short need to repeat the number to get in!!!!

Arrgggghhhh!  And we were supposed to know this HOW?
Well now you know!

And seriously, this is great...Kim and I sat on the phone with each other and worked through her pre-observation conference.  She selected her domains....I asked her questions and filled out the information I saw! Very Cool!  She can go in at anytime and see the status of her observation.  (well that may be a bit too much pressure for me :) )

Again....if you want a quick lesson with Google Docs, let me know!

2 New iPads for the Media Center

Yes you read this right!
We now have 2 iPads in the Media Center!

One will stay here....and one is available for check out.

I am excited to find new apps that will be interesting

I am looking for APPS for learning activities in Spanish with an Immersion Model...not having too much luck.
If you know of any, let me know!
In the meantime I have found lots of great science and social studies links in English.

One of the things that I like about these little gems...
the still and video camera built in!

What a simple way to take short video clips! 
Want to know how?
Come for a visit and I will show you!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jumpstart Begins November 9th for Grades 3-5

Are You Ready For Jumpstart?

We will start with Grades 3, 4, and 5 on Wednesday November 9.

The Jumpstart times are:
M-F 8:20-8:45
MTWF 2:25-2:50

The purpose of Jumpstart is to provide Reading and Math Interventions.

I have analyzed the NWEA data from the Fall Test.

There are a total of 65 students in grade 3-5 who score below the 50% in Reading OR Math.
There are 25 students in those grades who score below 50% in BOTH Reading and Math!

Given those numbers, it makes sense that the criteria for sending students to Jumpstart be that they are from these groups.
In other words....students scoring below the 50%ile in Reading OR Math are eligible for Jumpstart.

Obviously, if you have a student with specific needs who does not fit the criteria, we can talk!
Student Resource Screen Shot

Jumpstart Page Screen Shot

  • Please talk with your team about how you want to organize your use of the slots for jumpstart.
  • Look over the current links on the Jumpstart Site (available from Student Resources)
  • Let me know if there are links you want added
I will have the same "Tickets" available for you to use....but if your grade level wants to create something different, that is fine.

THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU ARE THE terms of what you want kids to do!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All the coffee cups have disappeared

We have no coffee cups left in the office...
Look around and see if you have some and please return them ASAP!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Request for input about Jumpstart this year!

Now that MAP testing is complete, we can start thinking about JUMPSTART once again.

The times available are
8:15-8:45 MTWTHF
2:25-2:50 MTWF

I would like you share your thoughts about how this should work this year.

I suggest that you:

  • Take a look at the results of your MAP testing and identify those students most in need at your grade level 
  • Let me know the number of students you think will need to use Jumpstart for Math and for Reading
  • Let me know whether you would use the morning time or the afternoon time.
When I have this information-I will work with Sally to clarify the Jumpstart Procedures for this year.

Click Here to give your feedback!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Testing is almost OVER! Come sign up for computer lab time!

THIS is your library media specialist during NWEA MAP Testing along with regular library schedules....

THIS is your library media specialist when all the testing is complete!!!

I hope to see you all soon....
let me know what projects you have in mind so I can assist you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Take A Look At the Updated Student Resource Page!

I have done a little tweaking on the PSI Students Link

This is a screen shot of the new version

The buttons on the left are the same.
The Grade Level Links are the same.
I have added the ANAYA links by level....if you haven't seen these before, I strongly suggest that you look them over.
 ANAYA is a Spanish Publishing Company....good stuff....nice quality spoken Spanish (this according to Rosa and Maria Puchol :) )

Friday, October 7, 2011

Furniture Item availble!

I feel just like Craig's List....

I am getting rid of this big wooden cabinet with 4 large file drawers....
if you want it....let me know
otherwise it will head to the bowels of the school!

Included are all of these file folders....
if no one wants the furniture, the file folders are still available!

First Come First Serve.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SLP Google Docs Link

I have put a link to the SLP Google Docs Link under the Teacher Tab on our home page.

Why do you care?

Because....Google Docs is where you will be going to access and store your ATPPS forms.

This is what you do:

The screen that you will see when you go to the link under the teacher tab looks like this:

Enter your username-it is lastname.firstname  (just like when you do our email login)
Currently our passwords are the password you used last year. (We will receive an email when they change it to this year's PW)

If you don't remember last year's PW,  you can call 7315 and they have it :)

Once you sign in to your account you have access to lots of documents and the ability to share those documents with others.

Please use the comment area to share your questions.  I will try to answer people's questions and then everyone can see the solutions!

Friday, September 16, 2011


The Fall Test Window is Sept. 19-Oct. 14
We will delay starting the testing until Sept. 26 because you are doing the FAST testing next week.
We will start with Math the first week.
Reading will be the second week.

I still need to hear from 3rd grade about the schedule.  Once that is done, I will email you the completed schedule.
I will be scheduling 2nd grade reading with Jana....all 2nd grade testing will be done during the English time!

We will schedule around book choice times as much as possible.
This will affect how make-up sessions are managed. We will not be able to accommodate drop ins for make ups.
I will schedule several make up times the week of Oct. 3rd and Oct. 10th and you can send your students then.

Please read the following agreed upon assumptions for testing at PSI:
  • Classes will come at the arranged time unless you have notified the Media Center Staff.
  • Students who finish testing will remain at the computer station reading quietly.
  • Students who need to leave for a bathroom break will come and go through the main Media Center door.
  • Make-up tests will be done at arranged time.  If there are empty computers for test sessions, Mary will let teachers know.
  • Teachers are responsible for keeping track of the students who need to make-up or finish tests.
If you have any questions, let me know!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Lab! Important Information!

The Computer Labs are open for business.

I have printed the stickers for student log ins for grades 1-2-3

I am assuming kids in grade 4 and 5 know their log ins.  If you would like me to mail the list to you let me know.

The sign up sheet for the computer labs is ready too!
I would ask that if you are bringing your kids to the lab log in to their own accounts, you pick a time that I can assist you. There are several set up activities that you will need to do with your students to help them work successfully.

                                                     The IXL accounts are up and running.

Brain Pop in Spanish is available  log in is the same as last year 

The Libros Electronicos is available again this year

I have not checked every link on our site, so if you encounter links that no longer work, please let me know!
Would love to hear about any links you would want added to the Student Resource Page.

Library Times September 19-23 in the LMC

Look how cute these little ones are!
Helping our Kinder classes choose library books for the first time is probably one of my favorite things!

All of our kids got to use the library to check out books this week!

A couple of things:
Lisa and I need you to keep book box and library book choice times SEPARATE!

It is too difficult for us to move back and forth between the teacher account and the student account.
Students are welcome to come to the media center anytime on a pass to choose new book box titles!

Remind students to take care of outstanding book issues from last year so they can check out 3 books.
When I get the list of summer readers, students will have a sticker to allow 4 books at a time.

Please let us know when(if) you are going to start BITB.

Library next week will continue to focus on procedures....
when it works out I would love to read a book before check out....
I haven't gotten to do this and really miss it....
If I am reading in English to your students, please feel free to leave and come back to help with choosing books....unless you really want to listen to me read :)

Let me know if you have any specific requests for things you want me to do on the book side!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Opportunity-request-Begging!

 It is a beautiful day....and Friday besides!
Gather your team....
Come to the Media Center....

Let me take your picture for our wall of "famous" PSI people!

Grade Level Teams, Office Staff, Custodians, Amity Interns...EVERYBODY!

I would like to have the photos reflect our current teams....
All of you!
You can be can be silly! The kids love to look at your photos!
Stop in any time....I will be ready!
And an added benefit!
I will send you the photo for you to use on your Grade level information page on the website!

I really want to be able to finish this before the first Curriculum Night on Tuesday!
I am begging you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learn the Secret Rules of the PSI Media Coffee Club!

Words to live by!

If you are a coffee drinker and would like to know how the "Coffee Club" on!

If you don't drink can go now!

There is almost always coffee brewing in my office. You are always welcome to come have a cup.

This is what you need to know!
  • If you are a regular (you drink a cup every day)....please contribute a can of coffee every so often.
    • we like French Roast (although Freddie like Brazilian Blend)....and since I make the coffee and am allergic to Colombian Beans please do not purchase this :).
    • I will post a sign letting you know when we need more coffee.
    • There is no list you are on your honor to contribute
  • If you only drink coffee once in awhile you can contribute some money.....once in a while....your judgement!
Just a couple other things that often come up!
  • there are cups on the cart....but if you don't wash and return them we run out
  • I do not provide disposable cups
  • If you are a milk or cream drinker, you need to contribute to this fund as well.  (if you eat school lunch and don't usually drink the milk....bring that in)
  • If the pot is empty....ask and I will teach you how to make a fresh pot!
Most important info to remember:
Anyone is welcome....
Now you know all the secret rules!

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Computer Lab This Week!

    Student Accounts are not ready for kids to use yet!

    But....the computers are sitting there ready and waiting!

    Every day this week and next week, I will load the computers with the a guest log in.

    You may sign up to come in and use the computers.

    When students use a guest account they CAN NOT save anything.

    Think of activities that do not require a lot of instruction....
    an internet site, electronic books, math games for instance

    This IS NOT the time for you to have me do the "rules talk" for the computer lab...
    you may sign up for a time that I am scheduled to help another class with book boxes, as you really won't need me.

    As soon as I hear from the tech department about student accounts, I will let you know!

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Welcome Back!

    And so it begins....another year!
    Watching the energy in the room yesterday as we all reconnected was pretty amazing.
    This really is a very special that I feel very fortunate to be a part of.

    The PSI Media Medley will be an ongoing information feed for you to keep you up to date on things that are happening in the media center.

    I am asking that you subscribe by email to this blog.
    Whenever I post something new, you will automatically get an email with the post imbedded for you to read.
    That means you really won't notice any difference from the regular emails that I send except that the sender will be PSI Media Medley and the information will be prettier.
    The other advantage is that on a blog, information is archived.  You can go back and look at info from past posts.

    I am not making this available to the wider community.
    Feel free to comment on any post, knowing that only the psiteacher group will be able to see your comments.

    Stay Tuned....
    I know you are wondering about
    • the book choice schedule
    • the computer lab schedule
    • when the first round of NWEA starts
    • when you can check out books for your classroom
    Once you enter your email and activate the subscription, you will know what I know when I know it!

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011


    It was great to see so many teachers using book boxes in the classroom last year.

    We know that if students can choose books at their level to read every day, there is a big payoff for them.

    Just look at the improved student reading scores last year if you want proof!

    I would like to invite all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms to come to the Media center next week to choose books for book boxes.
    K-1-2 teachers, I am assuming that you will have enough books by using the new book room.
    Just leave a comment telling me the day and time that you would like to come.
    Schedule about 20 minutes.

    There were a couple of issues with Book Boxes last year....the major one was that books did not come back to the library often enough. 
    This year teacher books will be considered OVERDUE after 2 months.

    If everyone returns books after 2 months....they can get back in general circulation and let everyone have a chance to use them.

    Let me know if you have questions about this!

    Your Document Camera

     I have 24 Document Cameras in stock.
    These will go to the K-5 classroom teachers
    plus these folks

    If you aren't on the list and think you would use one.....let me know and we will order one for you.
    If you don't have a really doesn't make sense.......

    Each camera has a box with a bar code....

    Please stop at the front desk and check one out.  
    Once you get your document camera....hook it up via the USB cable.
    You have an application called P2V in your it and you can start using the camera!