Thursday, September 29, 2011

SLP Google Docs Link

I have put a link to the SLP Google Docs Link under the Teacher Tab on our home page.

Why do you care?

Because....Google Docs is where you will be going to access and store your ATPPS forms.

This is what you do:

The screen that you will see when you go to the link under the teacher tab looks like this:

Enter your username-it is lastname.firstname  (just like when you do our email login)
Currently our passwords are the password you used last year. (We will receive an email when they change it to this year's PW)

If you don't remember last year's PW,  you can call 7315 and they have it :)

Once you sign in to your account you have access to lots of documents and the ability to share those documents with others.

Please use the comment area to share your questions.  I will try to answer people's questions and then everyone can see the solutions!

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