Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's An Animoto? Animoto isn't some kind of robotic toy!
It is a very cool website/program that makes it easy to create an animated slideshow!

If the little video that introduced Maestro Misterioso was something that intrigued you, then Animoto is for you.

I  especially like how intuitive the program is to use.
I am using it with 5th grade students with little or no "angst"

PSI has a paid PRO-Account which you are welcome to use!  I am happy to share the user name and password for the account if you want to try!

You can also sign up for your own free personal account that is slightly more limited.

Educators can sign up for an account to use with students....again free....but limited.

Stop in and I will give you more info if you want it!