Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Printer Tips....and a couple of suggestions!

The printer copier seems to be working pretty well....
it must be 
because since it was installed PSI has printed 8051 pages in color
12428 pages in Black and White
I made a little movie to show you how to set up a color and black and white printer option to make it easier to print...

One of the most exciting things about the new printer is the ability to print ledger sized documents in color!
The iWork Application Pages has a large sized poster option....

The copier will print them....

They are stunning.....

Remember the goal to have more images of our students?

HMMMMM....Come see me if you want some help learning how to make these!

Please don't forget to pick up your documents after you print them!
There always seem to be a lot of unclaimed printouts....
so next time you are here...check to see if your stuff is in the basket!

Make sure that if you send students to get copies or print outs, they do so without interrupting the learning activities (I think kids think they are SUPPOSED to check in with an adult when they come in to the LMC)
If you will consistently ask kids to do this....I would suggest that you bring the class and show them what the expectations are as well as remind them not to interrupt!

 Are there other questions you have about the printer/copier?
It can probably do a lot more than we are doing with if you have any tricks that you know...please share!

I haven't figured out the scanning yet...but it is on my list of projects!