Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clean Up Your Printer List!

I am really loving the new color copier/printer...
If you haven't tried scanning with it is fast!

But I am hearing through the grapevine that many of you are having trouble finding and choosing the right printer....
Probably because the printer list you have has WAY TOO many printers listed.
Did you can delete the printers you don't want or need.

It is especially important that you delete the printer named LMC Color-4600
(that machine no longer exists and if you choose this it will print to the SPED room)

Of course if you would rather learn this by talking to the "real" me....Stop in and I will help!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Special Water Main Edition

What are you doing today?

I don't know about you....
but this just feels weird!


But a little weird!

I must be feeling better because I woke up....wide 3:30!
I am awfully glad to have my energy back...

 And I love the idea of telecommuting....even though I miss making coffee for you all!

So I ask again....what are you doing today?

I thought this would be a good day to clean my computer!
  • organize files throw away duplicates.....
  • upload some stuff to Google Docs so it is accessible to me anywhere (then the laptop can stay at school)
  • clean out the goal is to keep the inbox under 100 and it has gotten out of hand
  • sort and organize my iPhoto library
  • synch all my calendars
  • Clean out my bookmarks
Somehow all of the technology we have just gives more things to clean...

Of you decide to clean....keep an eye out for cute photos....send them to me...I am making updates to some of the displays in the media center and would like lots of photos of kids!


I will run a list of all the "Students Not Tested" for NWEA as the window closes on the 4th...keep an eye out for this in your e-mail

I have been running the reports...and our kids are really doing well...congrats to you all!

I am heading to Barnes and Noble to buy the new Caldecott and Newberry Winners!

The Jack Gantos book sounds really good! Here is the review from Amazon.
"Dead End in Norvelt is a novel about an incredible two months for a kid named Jack Gantos, whose plans for vacation excitement are shot down when he is "grounded for life" by his feuding parents, and whose nose spews bad blood at every little shock he gets. But plenty of excitement (and shocks) are coming Jack's way once his mom loans him out to help a fiesty old neighbor with a most unusual chore—typewriting obituaries filled with stories about the people who founded his utopian town. As one obituary leads to another, Jack is launced on a strange adventure involving molten wax, Eleanor Roosevelt, twisted promises, a homemade airplane, Girl Scout cookies, a man on a trike, a dancing plague, voices from the past, Hells Angels . . . and possibly murder. Endlessly surprising, this sly, sharp-edged narrative is the author at his very best, making readers laugh out loud at the most unexpected things in a dead-funny depiction of growing up in a slightly off-kilter place where the past is present, the present is confusing, and the future is completely up in the air.
Oh... I love my job....I will probably have to lay on the couch and read this...and IT COUNTS as work!


Can you believe the ATPPS observation window starts tomorrow....
I need to look over what needs to be done and think about what I might want to do for mine!

And.....the mid year check in too!


I want to work on the website....especially the JumpStart links.  I think there are other things out there....and I want to make it jazzier...
If you know of any links there should be, let me know! could do what first grade has done and make your own button/page for your kids.

Jumpstart is now open for First and Second Grade students.
Just give me a heads up when you are planning to send students who have never been to JS before so I can be sure to help them settle in.


I hope you ALL have a productive day....
I will watch for you on SKYPE name is mbloomgren...
Maybe we can have a virtual coffee break!