Monday, February 24, 2014

Read Across America 2014

Read Across America Day will be celebrated nationwide on Monday, March 3rd.

Like always....the celebration at PSI will be simple and sweet!

  •  Listen for the announcement at 8:30 Monday Morning!
  • I will read a Dr. Seuss inspired poem telling kids to go out in the hall and read!

  • ALL you need to do is have kids ready with books that will keep them busy for at least 10 minutes!

Here are some additional resources if you want them!

  • We will display all of the Dr. Seuss Books that we have and "reserve" the Spanish Titles for staff.
  • Please remember to "be nice and share"....meaning.....return the books when you are done with them.
  • I will be giving out book marks to all the kids...I found one in SPANISH...yeah me!
  • There will be  a link to Seussville on the Main Student Resource Page....alas...this is NOT in Spanish! (I am not going make the link live until this weekend)
  • Here is a link to some things that you might enjoy doing with your class....ideas that need tweaking for the Immersion environment....but ideas non the less!
Huevos Verdes (You Tube Video)

 Finally....a link to a well written (as best this rookie spanish reader can tell) SPANISH biography of Dr. Seuss 

 Have a great Day!