Tuesday, September 18, 2012


MAP Testing will begin next Monday, September 24th!

Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers.....You can stop reading this NOW!
BECAUSE.....testing will no longer impact library use!!!!

Well....only a little....during the testing blocks I will not do "lessons" during book choice!

But the good news is that we are really only testing for 2 weeks!
The kids will have the chance to check out books and you are most welcome to read to them!

For Grades 2-5
Here is the working schedule for testing!

  • We are scheduling Math first because many people will need these scores for their PDP goal.
  • We have scheduled 2 blocks for 5th Grade Math because historically they have needed this.
  • The assumption is that you will bring the students that you teach for MATH during your MATH block.  
Now I NEED some things from YOU !
  1. Someone from each grade level needs to contact me with the name of the classroom and the number of students who will be coming for the test.
      • Jana should be the person letting me know about 2nd grade!!!!
      • 4th grade should note that only one class can test each day....(then the students who need makeups can fill in the remaining computers...)
      • I will assume that YOU are keeping track of students who need to complete tests!

  1. I would like to demo how to terminate a test and have each of you keep a copy of the directions to do that you learn how to do this.
Scheduling this round of testing almost seems like a vacation with our new doors and both labs being big enough for testing!