Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great New Spanish Resources

I have been spending lots of time exploring the Spanish Playground Blog...

It is a virtual treasure trove of resources....

Here are a couple that I really like:

This is a link to the
ILCE Digital Library from Mexico. 
 I think the stories might be most appropriate for grades 3 and 4.
There is no audio the stories look pretty good.

This is a screen shot from
which has some great links to vocabulary activities that are nice vocabulary extensions.
They would work well on the Smart Board because most of them are drag and drop activities.
The activities vary from simple language to some pretty complex sentences.

I know you are always looking for some quick Spanish Listening Activities!  These quick You Tube snippets are so cute!  Little kids from Spain doing Words of the day riddles!
I wouldn't make links to them....because of the whole YOU TUBE ISSUES....but you could display them on the projector and have lots of fun!

Take A look!
 You can find more than 100 of these if you Google Search "you tube escucha y adivina la palabra"


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I found during Early Release!!!

While you were busy working on your curriculum development activities....

I was out searching for resources for you....

Look what I found!

This website called TV411 has some Spanish Videos about science topics!
I would love to hear what you think.  

I have discovered someone else who loves blogging as much as I do....
Check out THE SPANISH PLAYGROUND....  It is written by a woman with lots of experience teaching Spanish Immersion.  The posts are organized in categories...well worth some time exploring!

For instance....she posted about You Tube Book Box Videos....Here is an example:

....there are a bunch of new iPad apps on the Cart iPad....look for a stand alone post about them....

and a reminder to use the Google Doc Sign out for reserving the cart!

Last but not least.....I placed an order for $1000 in new books.....they will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks!

Have a great day!