Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Merry Month of May-Book Choice Info

Next Monday we begin the MCA testing in the computer lab.

We agreed as a building that all MCA testing would happen in the mornings.

When MCA testing is over....the NWEA MAP Testing begins!!!


 In order for all of that to happen...hopefully happen smoothly :), It will mean changes on the book side of the Media Center!

From now until the end of the year....ALL Book Choices need to be in the afternoons.

Corey and I talked about this and agreed that we need to shorten the time you spend here for book choice time.
Sadly it will also mean that I will not have the time to do lessons with your kids....
I will continue to be there to help whenever I am able!

Please look at your schedule: (and this needs to happen ASAP!
  • If you have a morning time...try to find a time on your regular day to come in the afternoon.  It is easier for the kids to not have to change the day they come.
  • If you have an afternoon time....let me know what 20 minutes of your existing time you will be coming...this will help with scheduling the groups that have to fit into the afternoons.
  • Fifth grade classes can use the English Media block....I can have the kids pick books if they need them during the time they are already scheduled with me.

  The good news for next year....
construction plans for making the 2 computer labs more equal in size and putting a door between the computer labs and library are under way...

Maybe the Merry Month of May next year....will be really Merry!

As always...we appreciate your cooperation and patience during this busy time!