Friday, September 16, 2011


The Fall Test Window is Sept. 19-Oct. 14
We will delay starting the testing until Sept. 26 because you are doing the FAST testing next week.
We will start with Math the first week.
Reading will be the second week.

I still need to hear from 3rd grade about the schedule.  Once that is done, I will email you the completed schedule.
I will be scheduling 2nd grade reading with Jana....all 2nd grade testing will be done during the English time!

We will schedule around book choice times as much as possible.
This will affect how make-up sessions are managed. We will not be able to accommodate drop ins for make ups.
I will schedule several make up times the week of Oct. 3rd and Oct. 10th and you can send your students then.

Please read the following agreed upon assumptions for testing at PSI:
  • Classes will come at the arranged time unless you have notified the Media Center Staff.
  • Students who finish testing will remain at the computer station reading quietly.
  • Students who need to leave for a bathroom break will come and go through the main Media Center door.
  • Make-up tests will be done at arranged time.  If there are empty computers for test sessions, Mary will let teachers know.
  • Teachers are responsible for keeping track of the students who need to make-up or finish tests.
If you have any questions, let me know!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Lab! Important Information!

The Computer Labs are open for business.

I have printed the stickers for student log ins for grades 1-2-3

I am assuming kids in grade 4 and 5 know their log ins.  If you would like me to mail the list to you let me know.

The sign up sheet for the computer labs is ready too!
I would ask that if you are bringing your kids to the lab log in to their own accounts, you pick a time that I can assist you. There are several set up activities that you will need to do with your students to help them work successfully.

                                                     The IXL accounts are up and running.

Brain Pop in Spanish is available  log in is the same as last year 

The Libros Electronicos is available again this year

I have not checked every link on our site, so if you encounter links that no longer work, please let me know!
Would love to hear about any links you would want added to the Student Resource Page.

Library Times September 19-23 in the LMC

Look how cute these little ones are!
Helping our Kinder classes choose library books for the first time is probably one of my favorite things!

All of our kids got to use the library to check out books this week!

A couple of things:
Lisa and I need you to keep book box and library book choice times SEPARATE!

It is too difficult for us to move back and forth between the teacher account and the student account.
Students are welcome to come to the media center anytime on a pass to choose new book box titles!

Remind students to take care of outstanding book issues from last year so they can check out 3 books.
When I get the list of summer readers, students will have a sticker to allow 4 books at a time.

Please let us know when(if) you are going to start BITB.

Library next week will continue to focus on procedures....
when it works out I would love to read a book before check out....
I haven't gotten to do this and really miss it....
If I am reading in English to your students, please feel free to leave and come back to help with choosing books....unless you really want to listen to me read :)

Let me know if you have any specific requests for things you want me to do on the book side!