Friday, September 6, 2013

Headphones and Earbuds in the Computer Lab!

Rumor has it that almost all grade levels put Headphones/earbuds on the supply list! 


I know you will set up great routines and procedures for managing these when you come to the lab!

The school owned headsets WILL NOT be put out at the computer stations. 

We will store a basket of headsets in the lab for kids to use on a casual basis.
Remind students who use these to return them to the basket at the end of the session.

Julie Yakes emailed me the info that there are 30 donated headsets in Deb Probst's office for students who did not/are not able to bring their own!

I certainly won't miss this view!

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Computer Lab Details!

Both of the computer labs are open for business!

The sign-up sheet is on the counter like it always is.

If you want my assistance with your projects, please note that in the center column!!  But it never hurts to also let me know face to face what your project is and how I can help!

I am going to try to be better at noting times when I am not available to help out...but you know how that will probably go!!!


You might have noticed that the log in for the guest account has changed!!!!

It is NO LONGER     guest account

NOW it is simply the word    guest in lower case with no password needed.

We are in the process of changing the signs in the lab....there ARE stickers on the machines with the new info on them.....

If you would like stickers for your classroom machines, they are in the document holder by the door to the center.  Help Yourself!

REMEMBER!!!  All students should be logging into the computers as guest 

If you need to have something saved and aren't using GoogleDocs, come see me and we can make a plan!

A Helpful Hint When Scheduling Lab Time for Activities Involving the Printer!

If you are planning a project that will be printed.....the easiest thing for you is to sign up for the large back lab.  The computers in that lab default to the color printer with no extra step for you.

If you try to print from the computers in the center lab, they default to the small black and white printer and you will need to have the kids pull down the printer list and choose the color printer.

I KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO!!!!   More often than not, if the back lab is already spoken for, the person will probably be willing to switch with you....just ask them!

You might want to hurry and sign up.....Why???
MAP Testing will begin on September 15th....taking up an awful lot of lab times for 3 weeks!

Before you bring your students into the lab....please have a discussion about taking care of the spaces.

 Schedule a couple of minutes at the end of the session to straighten up the lab for the next group!

Some classrooms have an assigned "helper" who goes around and checks this.

  • DO NOT HAVE STUDENTS LOG OUT of the guest account when you leave...this saves time for the next group!
  • Remind students to NEVER turn off the computer unless they are instructed to do so!!

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

iPad Protocols

So many iPads......

30 for kids to use.....

5 For Teachers to use... 

I thought this would be a great time to review the procedures for checking out and using the iPads at PSI!

The 30 Student use iPads work like this:

15 of the iPads are kept on the top shelf of the iPad cart.  This is considered a set and are numbered 1-15.  


The OTHER 15 iPads are separated into 3 sets and stored in red crates in my office!  

Sometimes a crate will be there with no iPads in it.  That is because those iPads are on the cart charging.  We will leave a note to that effect.

To reserve either the iPad cart or a set of 5 iPads, you will need to put your name on the calendar in your GoogleDocs.  It is called iPad Sign-out and can be found at this link.


Now it gets a little complicated....

To take the cart....just make sure you have reserved it....
To take a set of 5 OR a Teacher iPad you need to follow a couple more steps!

Notice the Notebook sitting on the counter below the cupboard with the iPads!
Please help yourself to take the iPads you have reserved!
NO NEED to ask us to get them for you!

BUT....and this IS important!

Please make a note of which crate/set you are taking on the notebook.  (who and when)

Sometimes students are using single iPads for a project (short term....) 
and they are signing them out on this notebook too!

The reason for this is to keep track of items that might need to be saved on a specific iPad.

When you take a teacher iPad (in the boxes).....just put your name on a post it note and put that on the chart that is hanging inside the cupboard door!  It wouldn't hurt to write that down in the notebook as well.

Last Spring an ad hoc group decided on some general guidelines for using the iPads in shared setting.


Thou shalt 
always check out the iPads on the calendar or notebook!

Thou shalt 
always return the teacher iPads in a reasonable time!

Thou shalt 
return the iPads to the proper slot in the cart and plug them in!

Thou shalt 
return the sets of iPads to the cupboard at the end of the day and cross off your name!  

Thou shalt 
return the teacher iPads fully recharged.

Thou shalt 
Download any pictures or videos to your laptop or Youtube before returning the teacher iPad!

Thou shalt 
remind students to use NOT to sit on the floor and use the iPads!

Thou shalt 
NOT let students move the iPad cart or carry the sets of iPads!

Thou shalt 
Make a note and attach it to any iPad that has an ISSUE! matter how hard they are to manage...just one look at the engagement and possibilities for learning....I am thinking it is worth the effort!