Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is a Weebly....?

Publishing video in rSchools makes you want to pull your hair out! The only way you can publish is too complicated to go into.....

Some of you have used our Apple Mobile Me Account along with iWeb....

Simple, elegant....drop-drag-publish-DONE

ALAS......with all things technology related.....

The reason I feel like this.... 

Mobile Me is going away in JUNE!

Yikes....that is not good news.....I began to panic....
How could we publish video with out using YouTube! any good librarian....I started doing my research!

Couldn't find a solution.....
Then one of the other Media Specialists introduced me to WEEBLY!

I looked it over.....liked what I saw....and signed us up!
  • Weebly allows you to create a SITE....just like Mobile Me!
  • Weebly allows you to create a good looking page....just like iWeb!
  • Weebly upload audio and video in a simple way....Just like Mobile Me!
  • Weebly costs half as much as Mobile Me!
I am creating a new JumpStart Page for PSI using Weebly....This LINK will show you what I have done so far!
Kim designed this Drama Club page in Weebly.
We are going to put the first grade "Podcast Videos" on a Weebly Page.

If you want to know more let me know!

If you are going to be publishing any video anytime soon....I highly recommend this!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Guest Post From Prachee

  I invited Prachee to share some insights into the work she and Linnea did with the 3rd- 5th grade teams last week.
WOW! My first guest post!

Thanks Prachee!

Linnea and I worked with grade level teams at PSI last week for grades 3-5.  Corey dropped in as often as he could.
The questions guiding the work were the 3 questions from PLC logs:
  • How do we know students have learned? 
  • Who is progressing and who is not? 
  • What will we do to meet the needs of those who are not progressing? 

These questions are also aligned with the district's  strategic plan mission to increase student achievement without demographic predictability.

Teachers learned how to use ViewPoint
  • This is a tool that allows easy access to student test scores, and allows drilling down using different perspectives. 
  • In ViewPoint, teachers looked at students' MAP results for reading and math and FAST scores for Spanish, for fall and winter. 
    • Teachers picked 1-2 students and talked about classroom data for those students, to triangulate multiple data points and arrive at an understanding of a student's achievement. 
    • Then they discussed what was already being done to meet the student's needs, reflecting on whether these strategies were working, and what could be done differently if the strategies were not working. 
    • We discussed race and systemic racism and how improving the achievement of students of color improves the achievement of all students. 
From the Teacher Feedback Booth:
Teachers reported that it was useful:
  •  to access data in ViewPoint,
  • see student's achievement history, 
  • learn what a student was doing in other classrooms, 
  • share ideas of ways to communicate and collaborate with parents. 
  • One improvement they suggested was to have more time to do this work.

Now I just want to learn about ViewPoint!....Prachee....Thanks again for sharing this information with us!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Electronic Resources For You

In Spanish No Less!

PSI now has access to 25 E Books....(thanks Sally for using some of the leveled book money for these)
We are trying them out to see if this is a resource that you will use!

This is a screen shot of the Student Resource Page.....notice the MACKIN VIA icon.
This will take you to this screen where you will be prompted to log in:

Name: psistudent
PW: orioles
I will only leave this info up for a week....after that I will need to delete it!  (but I bet you will remember it :) )

When you get to this can start opening and exploring the 24 books we own as of now!

 Please notice that the gray tab says databases....
I have purchased a resource called "Country Reports"!
I bought the additional Spanish Resources....take a moment to explore!
The images are amazing....I am a little disappointed by the amount of English in the "Spanish Version"....let me know what you think!

I will send a little flyer home in the next Thursday Folder so kids will have access at home!
I will also do a run through with library classes this week when it makes sense and works with our timeframe!

Happy President's Day!