Thursday, November 17, 2011

Math Resources! Think Central Login Information!

It was fun to see all of you checking out the Math Links on the website at the SD meeting yesterday!

It makes me think that we don't take time often enough to just explore and "play"

Maybe we should do a similar activity with Language Arts activities!

One of the things that was mentioned at the session was a need to get the information about THINK CENTRAL!

Derek was able to forward this information to me from Carrie R-J
Hello- Mary Norwick (Thanks!) has uploaded all of the student information into Think Central (this is the electronic support of Math Expressions). You can create assignments, test, and tutorials.

Students can now access Think Central. Student log in to Think Central is the same as logging in to the computer.

I have attached a power point on Think Central and a PDF on Soar To Success."
I will also forward the that you have access to the PDF and the PPT.
The link to THINK CENTRAL is on the Student Resource Mathematics Link down at the bottom on the left:
 Now I am going to go try out Kara's "just breathing"....found The Hoberman Sphere at Amazon for $11....gotta get me one.....

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