Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Lab! Important Information!

The Computer Labs are open for business.

I have printed the stickers for student log ins for grades 1-2-3

I am assuming kids in grade 4 and 5 know their log ins.  If you would like me to mail the list to you let me know.

The sign up sheet for the computer labs is ready too!
I would ask that if you are bringing your kids to the lab log in to their own accounts, you pick a time that I can assist you. There are several set up activities that you will need to do with your students to help them work successfully.

                                                     The IXL accounts are up and running.

Brain Pop in Spanish is available  log in is the same as last year 

The Libros Electronicos is available again this year

I have not checked every link on our site, so if you encounter links that no longer work, please let me know!
Would love to hear about any links you would want added to the Student Resource Page.

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