Saturday, October 5, 2013

Random Stuff Worth Knowing!

Fall Map Testing is over.....making me feel like doing a Happy Dance....

That also means that the computer labs are once again available for the "good stuff"!

Hope to see you there soon and often!

Please remind students that they are NEVER supposed to log in to their own network accounts!

All computers need to be logged in as guest!
The username is:  guest
There is NO password!

IXL now has an APP which has been added to all 30 student iPads!
This opens up some interesting possibilities for small group activities in your classrooms!

We will be adding first grade to the IXL subscription very soon!  I will let you know when that is.

If you would like help with setting up your classes in IXL, let me know!

Link to Hooda Math
 This is a website and an APP!
There are a wide variety of math games to explore (sorry, they are all in English)!
I even found one where I had to shop and exactly meet the targeted budget!
Well worth a look!
I will add it to the Math section of the Student Resources!


Remember to think of me when you find a Writing Craft lesson that needs a read-a-loud book that is not available in Spanish!  I am happy to read those to your class!

Have a Great Week!