Monday, October 31, 2011

Jumpstart Begins November 9th for Grades 3-5

Are You Ready For Jumpstart?

We will start with Grades 3, 4, and 5 on Wednesday November 9.

The Jumpstart times are:
M-F 8:20-8:45
MTWF 2:25-2:50

The purpose of Jumpstart is to provide Reading and Math Interventions.

I have analyzed the NWEA data from the Fall Test.

There are a total of 65 students in grade 3-5 who score below the 50% in Reading OR Math.
There are 25 students in those grades who score below 50% in BOTH Reading and Math!

Given those numbers, it makes sense that the criteria for sending students to Jumpstart be that they are from these groups.
In other words....students scoring below the 50%ile in Reading OR Math are eligible for Jumpstart.

Obviously, if you have a student with specific needs who does not fit the criteria, we can talk!
Student Resource Screen Shot

Jumpstart Page Screen Shot

  • Please talk with your team about how you want to organize your use of the slots for jumpstart.
  • Look over the current links on the Jumpstart Site (available from Student Resources)
  • Let me know if there are links you want added
I will have the same "Tickets" available for you to use....but if your grade level wants to create something different, that is fine.

THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU ARE THE terms of what you want kids to do!