Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's New?

You might wonder what I have been up to while you all have been busy getting ready for and having your conferences!

Noooo....I haven't just been sitting around drinking coffee and eating leftover Halloween Candy...DARN!  Here are a few things that have been happening around here!

I used the Media Center PTO money to purchase an additional wagon for the upstairs kids to use to move books to the library!

Watching the kids try to bring those big boxes of books down the stairs......made me nervous!

The wagon is stored in the little Science storage room.  Encourage your kids to get it to put the "returns" in. 
Have them put the wagon in the elevator....then go down the steps to "meet" it.....wheel the books in to the center and then send the wagon back upstairs.

No....we didn't buy a GOLD plated iPad for PSI.....

BUT this might make you even happier!

Nate and Angela have been working with me to create a process to streamline our syncing process for the student iPads!!!

The goal is to set up a "GOLDEN iPAD" that will be the model for how all student iPads look.  This will allow us to set up screens for the APPs...and more easily manage them. 

I will keep you posted!

We have started doing an inventory!

If you see me crawling around on the floor beeping will understand how much FUN this is!

Imagine....every single book needs to be scanned!!!  Well at least we do it with the scanner and not the drawers of cards like in the olden days!

I would ask that if you have a secret cache of books in your room that you might be able to return....that will help when we get to the end of the process and need to go searching for items!!!

Look at all the books that came to us for FREE!
Thanks to the Book Fair!

Diane has been feverishly getting them cataloged and out on the shelves.

What Fun!

So there you have it....what's new around here!!!
Have a great week!