Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Test Season


Corey and I are working on the Spring Test Schedule!

  • Map Tests in Math and Reading will be administered to 2nd -5th Grade.

  • MCA Math Tests  will be administered to 3rd -5th Grade.
  •  MCA Science Tests will be administered to 5th Grade.

I counted and got a little freaked out when I realized that:

  • This is 26 test sessions for NWEA MAP testing (and that doesn't even count the fact that most of our strong Math students need TWO test times!!!)
  • MCA Math will be done in 2 sittings so that means 18 test sessions.
  •  MCA Science adds another 3.
That is 47 blocks of time devoted to testing from Mid-April to June!
This is a complex puzzle of scheduling that will obviously impact EVERYONE at PSI....
We will need to work together to get this accomplished!
Corey and I will formalize the test schedule on Friday
Please send me an email with any field trips or other activities that would impact your ability to take a test (between April 16 and June 2).
Hope you all have great conferences!