Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sign Up For A Book Choice!

Here is the first PSI Media Medley for 2013/14!

Welcome Back!  
I am excited to get started with the year!

Just a note:  I have added the ability for you to send me a comment via email.  In the past, the comment tool on the Media Medley was difficult to manage.  Just fill out the info and submit any question or comment!

It's time to let me know your choice for Library Book Choice!

I have waited to send this because I need to see how the various schedules in Fifth Grade and Kindergarten work so that I can block in my fixed schedule!

You tell me your top 3 choices for a time!

  • Try to give options that are other than the same time on different days.  
  • Pay attention to the times that I am not available to be with you.  Even though you come with your class for book choice, I often do lessons that your class will miss if I am scheduled with other things.
  • Lisa's Hours:  8:15 to 2:15....that means that it is hard for us to be ready for ANY class until at least 8:45 and she will be unavailable to help with check-out if your class comes after 1:45.

The following times ARE NOT available

8:15-8:45 MTWTHF (Grade 3-4-5 Math Jumpstart)
12:20-2:00 Tuesday (Fifth Grade English Intervention)
2:00-2:45 Wednesday (Fifth Grade English Media)
12:20-1:10 Thursday (Fifth Grade English Media)
1:10-2:00 Thursday (Fifth Grade English Media)

In addition: Library Media Meetings are scheduled once a month on Monday mornings from 8:30-10

Book Choice will start the week of September 9th.
All Students will be able to check out 3 books beginning that week.
Students with books from last year still on their records will only be able to check out 1 book until this is resolved.

Important Information about BOOK BOXES!
Grades 3-5

  • You may sign up for a time to check out Book Box Books beginning September 5th.
  • This ALWAYS needs to be arranged with Lisa! Please TALK with her, not just write a note.  Many times there are schedule issues that are not apparent and having a book box class can be a problem if you don't clear it with her.
  • Remind students that book box books are due after 1 month.  This keeps the favorite books in circulation rather than "stuck" in one classroom!
I am looking forward to a great year.