Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Stuff You Need to Know!

Check out the new procedure for reserving equipment and spaces in the Media Center!

This sign up is shared with all of you in your Google Docs. 
I think it makes sense to have this on-line!
I have purposefully left it open-ended so that you can indicate the space or equipment you need.

With any only works if everyone is faithful about signing up!

Here are some examples of things you would write on the schedule:

  • Reserving the tables for small group Amity Instruction
  • Reserving the "Nikon" Camera
  • Reserving the presentation area or the tables for special events
  • Reserving the scanner
  • Reserving the BIG SCREEN TV Computer Carts (2)
Speaking of those BIG SCREEN TV Computer Carts.....
We have just spent some time getting these updated!
There are 2 set ups.....and each works exactly the same!
The log in information is posted on the little Mac Mini Computer.
These machines have a wireless connection!

There is NO SMART BOARD Software on them, but otherwise, they would be good to use when you have a substitute who needs internet access for your lessons!

The DVD Player and VCR Player have been removed..this will further simplify the set up.  (No one will be pushin' buttons and messin' it up :)  )  If you need to use this for a DVD....use the computer to play it!

Have a Great 4 day week!