Friday, November 9, 2012

Paid Workshop Opportunity....Learn To Use Weebly

Would you like to create websites to use with your students?

Are you ready to move to an electronic newsletter?

Just looking to learn something new?

Come learn about  Weebly!

We are holding two workshops.....obviously they are optional.....but we would love to have you come.

Training – Part 1 – Monday, Nov. 19; 3:00-5:00 pm.  (You will be paid for 1 hour.)
Training – Part 2 – Monday, Dec. 3; 3:00-5:00 pm (You will be paid for 1 hour.) 
 We will show you the basics of the Weebly a little brainstorming.....answer your questions and get you started on your own sites!

 The SLP Schools Foundation awarded Mary and I a grant last spring.   
The purpose of the grant is to explore and create interactive Kindergarten websites that support the immersion language model. 

We have started to create materials that students can use independently, as well as to share information with parents about PSI.

We have created 2 interactive kindergarten websites and a parent blog so far.  The plan is to add sites for each of the thematic units taught in Kindergarten!

Take a look and see what you think!

Thematic Units:  

Now we want to share these projects with you and perhaps inspire you to try this yourself.

The good news....we asked for $$$$$ to teach you how.....Yippee!!!

Ingrid has already started....take a peek at Equipo Brown!!!!

So we hope you will consider attending the workshop!

See Mary or Kim with questions and/or to RSVP.   
We are excited to share this information with you!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

iPad Cart Information

Congrats on having your conferences over!!!
So now on to November!

I have finally posted the iPad sign out on Google Docs!
It is shared with you, but here is the link anyway!!!

If you do put your name on the signout, please let us know if your plans change!

You may check the cart out for any length of time.
It works best to do half days so that you are able to find a time to come get it and return it!

PLEASE DO NOT have students transport the cart!

 While you all were busy with your conferences, I spent a considerable amount of time synching and organizing the apps so that each iPad should have a similar lay out on each window.

If you have any suggestions for great apps (especially Spanish Language) let me know and I will download them.

I am trying to resolve the issue of head phones for the many of the apps have sound and when a whole class is using them it can get loud....

Any suggestions?.....the idea of sixteeen headsets all tangled up on the shelf inside the cart makes me crazy!!!!

Having them in baggies might you think that would be too cumbersome when you are managing the cart in your classroom?


Anyway....the iPads await your clever instructional plans!!!!