Thursday, March 7, 2013

iPads Galore!!!

The 15 new iPads have arrived.....Hurrah!

These iPads are divided into 3 sets of 5.

They can be checked out in sets of 5.

The sign out is part of the iPad Sign Out in Google Docs.

The LMC Dept. will keep these charged up and ready to go.

Remember, if you as a teacher, wish to check out an iPad for yourself....and even keep it for several days....there a 5 of these available.  Check them out using the library system and let us know how long you need to keep it.

We had a great discussion during the iPad Tech Academy about procedures and expectations for using the iPads.
Student iPad users need to take responsibility for using this equipment properly in a shared environment.  I am having a lesson/discussion with each class (grades 2-5) during book choice time about the following expectations:

  • All Photos and Movies that are not taken for a specific project need to be deleted after each use.
  • ONLY uncluttered images may be used as a back ground.  Older students have agreed to change the background to a simple one if they discover one that is cluttered.
  • NO student photos may be used as a background.
  • APPS should be closed periodically.  (I am demonstrating this process to the older kids)
  • iPads should be stored in the correct slot and plugged in when returned.
 Finally....I am working with the Tech Support and Nate to come up with a way to sync all the ipads at once to keep the apps organized.
I realize that the way the apps are now "all over the place" is not the best.....the librarian in me would like them alphabetized and organized by the dewey decimal system....
ALAS....that is not to be!
I will keep working on this and let you know as the work progresses.