Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jumpstart Information

It is time to start thinking about how 
Jumpstart will work this year!

Jumpstart will begin as soon as NWEA Map testing is completed.

The Morning Sessions of Jumpstart-from 8:15 until 8:45 are reserved for Grades 3 through 5!

These Morning Sessions will be devoted to MATH interventions.

  • Once Grade 3-5 teachers have NWEA Math results, please meet as a group to identify those students who will be using Jumpstart.
  • I will need some sort of identifier for RIT Score and Strand to work on.
  • If you want students to use IXL, I will need to know what activities you want students to work on.
  • It is recommended that students miss no more than 2 morning meeting times a week for Jumpstart. 
Afternoon Jumpstart for Grades 1-2
will start at the end of October.....

There are 24 spots each day! 
(12 per grade could be 3 per classroom or the grade can determine the students who most need to come)
The focus of afternoon Jumpstart can be either Reading or Math

It will help me if you give some indication of the skills you want the students to work on.

I am working on the "Pass" that students will use.....If you have any specific ideas or suggestions for this.....let me know!