Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Back!

And so it begins....another year!
Watching the energy in the room yesterday as we all reconnected was pretty amazing.
This really is a very special that I feel very fortunate to be a part of.

The PSI Media Medley will be an ongoing information feed for you to keep you up to date on things that are happening in the media center.

I am asking that you subscribe by email to this blog.
Whenever I post something new, you will automatically get an email with the post imbedded for you to read.
That means you really won't notice any difference from the regular emails that I send except that the sender will be PSI Media Medley and the information will be prettier.
The other advantage is that on a blog, information is archived.  You can go back and look at info from past posts.

I am not making this available to the wider community.
Feel free to comment on any post, knowing that only the psiteacher group will be able to see your comments.

Stay Tuned....
I know you are wondering about
  • the book choice schedule
  • the computer lab schedule
  • when the first round of NWEA starts
  • when you can check out books for your classroom
Once you enter your email and activate the subscription, you will know what I know when I know it!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It was great to see so many teachers using book boxes in the classroom last year.

We know that if students can choose books at their level to read every day, there is a big payoff for them.

Just look at the improved student reading scores last year if you want proof!

I would like to invite all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms to come to the Media center next week to choose books for book boxes.
K-1-2 teachers, I am assuming that you will have enough books by using the new book room.
Just leave a comment telling me the day and time that you would like to come.
Schedule about 20 minutes.

There were a couple of issues with Book Boxes last year....the major one was that books did not come back to the library often enough. 
This year teacher books will be considered OVERDUE after 2 months.

If everyone returns books after 2 months....they can get back in general circulation and let everyone have a chance to use them.

Let me know if you have questions about this!

Your Document Camera

 I have 24 Document Cameras in stock.
These will go to the K-5 classroom teachers
plus these folks

If you aren't on the list and think you would use one.....let me know and we will order one for you.
If you don't have a really doesn't make sense.......

Each camera has a box with a bar code....

Please stop at the front desk and check one out.  
Once you get your document camera....hook it up via the USB cable.
You have an application called P2V in your it and you can start using the camera!       

Book Choice Schedule

Please use the following link to let me know 3 times that will work for your book choice time this year.
Submission Form for Library Book Choice

The following times ARE NOT available

8:15-8:45 MTWTHF
2:30-2:55 MTWTHF

12:20-1:10 T
1:10-2:00 W
2:00-2:45 TH
I would like to build the schedule as soon as possible....and the early "bookworm" gets the worm!  So that means I give first priority to the first people who submit their requests.

Book Choice will start the week of September 12th.
All Students will be able to check out 3 books beginning that week.
Students with books from last year still on their records will only be able to check out 1 book until this is resolved.
If you have any questions about this....leave me a comment.