Monday, May 19, 2014

End of the Year Schedule for the Media Center

Oh my.....this is one of those "last time I do this" things.....

This is the "last time" I will let you know how the end of year will work in the Media Center....

As I write this......there are only  15 more student days of school left!

Here is the book check out information for the following weeks!

May 19-23

This week is a regular book check out week!
Students in grades 3-4-5 will not be able to check out new books if they have even 1 overdue!!

May 27-30

Students should return books as usual.
Students will be allowed 1 new book-if all other materials are turned in.

June 2-6

All library materials are due.
Please send your books to the media center each day as they are turned in.

For this week, I will place a sign-up sheet on the counter for you to sign up for a 
time to bring your kids for a read-a-loud...15-20 minutes!!!
 Please return all BOOK BOX books by Thursday June 5th!
Please return any teacher materials that you soon as you can live without them!

The Computer Labs and iPads will be available until the very last kid is gone!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

MCA Testing Reminders!

The MCA Math Tests begin on Monday!
Good News!!!  They are only in the MORNING!
Computer Labs are available for sign out in the afternoon!

Just a few reminders that will make testing go smoother!

We observed something the last time we took MCA Math on-line!

Because the testing went on for such a long became "the norm"!

This resulted in a "let-down" of insistence on quiet behaviors in the hallway!

Blue acetate now covers the lights in the 2nd grade/Computer Lab Hallway!
We hope that this is a visual reminder to be as quiet as possible.

  • Classrooms that normally use the lower level bathrooms for whole class breaks should use the upstairs lavatories during testing times.
  • Please escort or stand by your doorway if your students are using the hallway to transition from one place to another.

 Thanks for your support! 

I want to feel like THIS!



Have a wonderful 4 day week....and don't think you need to do 5 days of WORK!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Break Through with the iPads!

Good News on the iPad front! There is finally a way for you to get photos and movies from the student use iPads to a student use computer!

If that is NOT something that has been causing you can stop reading now!

For those of you who have wanted to do something like on to find the surprisingly simple way to do it!

Would you believe it is all about GOOGLE DOCS!?

All of the iPads have an APP called Google Drive.  This gives the user access to his/her Google Docs account.

 Chances are that when you open it, you will find yourself in the account of someone else.  Go down to the left hand corner and open the settings. 
This will let you sign out and sign into your own GoogleDocs.

Like this:

Then.....the most amazing thing!

When you click on the + sign in the top corner of your Google Drive APP on the iPad, you get a choice of whether to use the photos on the iPad Camera Roll or actually take a photo using the camera.  All you do is click upload and these items will now be in your GoogleDocs.

You can even use the camera to take video and directly upload that.

The beauty of this.....especially for older students....they can move photos to their own GoogleDocs to use in activities!

Hope this makes sense....if not....of course I can show you in person!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Primary Level Website Resource!

This is a screen shot of the Home Page for a great Spanish Language web site.

Mi mundo en palabras

This site is chock full of great vocabulary activities.  Don't let the primary look of the site keep you from taking a look.  There are activities that would suit up to second grade.  This would also be a great resource for a small group intervention.  Sadly.....this runs in FLASH so it does not work on the iPads!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grade Level iPads Have Been Distributed!

There is now a teacher iPad checked out to each grade level team!
There is an additional teacher iPad in the cupboard for other adults to use.!

The grade level iPads are yours to manage as you see fit.
They are set up so that photos and movies can be downloaded to your computers.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Read Across America 2014

Read Across America Day will be celebrated nationwide on Monday, March 3rd.

Like always....the celebration at PSI will be simple and sweet!

  •  Listen for the announcement at 8:30 Monday Morning!
  • I will read a Dr. Seuss inspired poem telling kids to go out in the hall and read!

  • ALL you need to do is have kids ready with books that will keep them busy for at least 10 minutes!

Here are some additional resources if you want them!

  • We will display all of the Dr. Seuss Books that we have and "reserve" the Spanish Titles for staff.
  • Please remember to "be nice and share"....meaning.....return the books when you are done with them.
  • I will be giving out book marks to all the kids...I found one in SPANISH...yeah me!
  • There will be  a link to Seussville on the Main Student Resource Page....alas...this is NOT in Spanish! (I am not going make the link live until this weekend)
  • Here is a link to some things that you might enjoy doing with your class....ideas that need tweaking for the Immersion environment....but ideas non the less!
Huevos Verdes (You Tube Video)

 Finally....a link to a well written (as best this rookie spanish reader can tell) SPANISH biography of Dr. Seuss 

 Have a great Day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Stuff You Need to Know!

Check out the new procedure for reserving equipment and spaces in the Media Center!

This sign up is shared with all of you in your Google Docs. 
I think it makes sense to have this on-line!
I have purposefully left it open-ended so that you can indicate the space or equipment you need.

With any only works if everyone is faithful about signing up!

Here are some examples of things you would write on the schedule:

  • Reserving the tables for small group Amity Instruction
  • Reserving the "Nikon" Camera
  • Reserving the presentation area or the tables for special events
  • Reserving the scanner
  • Reserving the BIG SCREEN TV Computer Carts (2)
Speaking of those BIG SCREEN TV Computer Carts.....
We have just spent some time getting these updated!
There are 2 set ups.....and each works exactly the same!
The log in information is posted on the little Mac Mini Computer.
These machines have a wireless connection!

There is NO SMART BOARD Software on them, but otherwise, they would be good to use when you have a substitute who needs internet access for your lessons!

The DVD Player and VCR Player have been removed..this will further simplify the set up.  (No one will be pushin' buttons and messin' it up :)  )  If you need to use this for a DVD....use the computer to play it!

Have a Great 4 day week!

Friday, January 24, 2014

New English Audio Materials

Thanks to a donation by the Long family (Anna), we now have several wonderful books on CD.
These resources are in English.
We have had several instances in the last couple of years with students who for some reason are not able to read text on the page or screen.  (concussion issues)
These audio materials will provide quality literature for these kids.
For that reason, the books will be housed in the back with the Writing Craft model texts.
Just let us know if you need them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fun New Resources!

I just found the most amazing Spanish Language Videos that are great for K-3 learners.
The Calico Spanish or Kids Immersion, LLC is the producer of these You Tube Videos!

Here are a couple of examples:

You can find more by doing a search "kidsimmersion" on the You Tube site!

You might also enjoy these stories produced by the Georgia Public Broadcasting System.
This link will give you a list of 45 different little puppet plays!  





Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy BRRR Year! January in the Media Center!

Welcome Back!

The two extra days of "break" were sure nice.


Now that we are back, the shortened week means that many of you have missed out on book choice time.

NORMALLY, this is something that we just chalk up to the "fates"!

Our kids have already been without new books for a long time.

It doesn't seem fair that they need to wait another week for new books.

So here is the plan.....with an explanation of how it will work. 

Please read this carefully, even if you DID NOT miss your book choice time.

Another wrinkle in the schedule is that MAP testing starts this week!  (The window runs from Jan. 9-Feb. 7)
That schedule will be shared with you as soon as Corey and I review it!
When the testing is going on, it is very difficult for me to assist with that AND do media lessons during book choice time!

During the month of January, plan to bring your students at the regular time for book choice.  Assume that I WILL NOT meet with the kids other than to get them set to check out their books.

You can plan to be in the center for about 20 minutes.

THIS WEEK....if YOUR class missed book check out because of the "POLAR VORTEX"....look at the schedule and sign up for a time that works for you to come in and do a 20 minute book choice!

Jumpstart will be cancelled for the entire MAP testing window. 

This is necessary because of the need to have the tests set up and ready for kids.

I hope this all makes sense.  If you have any questions, you can always stop in and ask.

Here's to a great start to 2014!