Monday, May 19, 2014

End of the Year Schedule for the Media Center

Oh my.....this is one of those "last time I do this" things.....

This is the "last time" I will let you know how the end of year will work in the Media Center....

As I write this......there are only  15 more student days of school left!

Here is the book check out information for the following weeks!

May 19-23

This week is a regular book check out week!
Students in grades 3-4-5 will not be able to check out new books if they have even 1 overdue!!

May 27-30

Students should return books as usual.
Students will be allowed 1 new book-if all other materials are turned in.

June 2-6

All library materials are due.
Please send your books to the media center each day as they are turned in.

For this week, I will place a sign-up sheet on the counter for you to sign up for a 
time to bring your kids for a read-a-loud...15-20 minutes!!!
 Please return all BOOK BOX books by Thursday June 5th!
Please return any teacher materials that you soon as you can live without them!

The Computer Labs and iPads will be available until the very last kid is gone!!!

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