Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAP Testing Information

The testing window is January 16-Feb 12

The test schedule can be found in your Google Docs.

Test Times are Blocked out on the computer lab schedule.....I even printed them in COLOR....Yikes!

There is a proctor "cheat sheet" in my office.

This has detailed information with log in information for starting a test from scratch and terminating a test.
Obviously I cannot post this info on the blog...

You are welcome to ask me to run through this with you.....just in case Lisa or I are/am unavailable.

We don't PLAN to be unavailable.....but just in case!!!

All Library Book Choices will meet on the regular schedule.

I will not be doing any "lessons" during these weeks.  :(

I will be around.....and of course either Lisa or I will assist you with check out.

I would imagine that every once in a while....I won't be able to stand it and will do some sort of read a loud or techy lesson....I just can't plan ahead AND support the testing as well!

Please do not send students to Jumpstart during the testing window!  I need that time to load the tests!!!!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun New Spanish Vocabulary Game

This fun vocabulary game is something I found on the Spanish Playground!
Here is the link

Basically, it is a Chutes and Ladders type game with lots of different vocabulary and grammar categories.

It can be played by 1 to 4 players......
You click on the Barrel to roll the dice...
Move your marker to the right square and the "problem" appears for you to answer.

the images and sound seem pretty good!

I will need your expert opinions before I make a link on the website!

This would be fun in the lab...
This could work as a small group activity on the Smart Board!

Let me know!