Saturday, May 25, 2013

PSI Staff Computer Update! Important Information!

Since I talked to you last week regarding the laptop update....
there has been a slight change of plans!

You now have 4 options to choose from to get this done!

Oh my.....choices-choices!!


There are 16 slots available before school is out!
Four spots on each of these days!


Keep your computer until the end of the last day (June 11)
Turn it into the office and it will be picked up by IT for the update.

You will then make an appointment to pick your computer up on one of these 2 dates

June 20        or                 June 26


Keep your computer until the end of the last day (June 11)
Turn it into the office and it will be picked up by IT for the update.

Make an appointment to pick up your computer during Workshop week.


Say the heck with the whole thing and 
go back to doing everything on paper and chalkboard!


For those people choosing option 1:

The update takes 48 hours.  

You will receive a "loaner" laptop for those 2 days!

Any documents you need for those days need to be 
loaded on a flash drive and moved to the "loaner"!
(this is true for those opting for 2 or 3 as well....but that is pretty obvious)
There are no "loaners" for folks choosing Option 2 or 3....but hey those are the first weeks of summer vacation....go outside and play!

REGARDLESS Of the option you choose:

 YOU Need to complete all the items on this check list before you drop your machine off!!! If you don't......the tech folks will send you away until you get it done!
I told you that I would "translate" this for you.....
Some steps are pretty easy!
But.... fair warning....this will take some time!

  1.  Pretty self-explanatory.  If you put your desktop items in a folder, the best thing is to put that folder in your Documents folder.  I call mine....Desktop Storage!

This item is about all of the "i" stuff.....and the one that takes some time.  iPhotos need to be exported...if you don't know how to do this....ask a friend or me!  Same with movie files in your Movie folder...  the stuff that has .mov or other file extension can just be moved. 

3. Just more about the "i" advice is to just put all this on a storage device unless you have huge amounts of school stuff.  I have lots and still think 16 G is plenty of room. So don't think you have to spend a lot of money on a storage drive!

4. This is pretty simple: Just make a folder name it yournamemedialibrary and put them in there.  Put that in your document folder.

5. If you are like me, you forget to clean out your downloads....look at the stuff that has piled up there....delete the stuff that you don't need and move the other stuff into appropriate folders in your Documents.  Great chance for "cleaning".  Stuff you leave in Downloads will go away!

6. If you have bookmarks in Firefox, Safari or Chrome that you don't want to lose, you need to export them to a file. 

For Firefox:
Go to the bookmarks tab at the top of the browser.
Pull down the little star and select Export Bookmarks to html.
This file will go in your documents.
When you get your computer back you will reverse the process.

For Safari
Go to the File tab.
Choose Export Bookmarks
save that file
Put it in your documents
reverse the process when you get your computer back.

7. Open iCal 
pull down the file tab
choose Export
an ics file will go to your downloads...
put that in your documents folder
reverse the process and import that file when you get your computer back!

8.  I don't think many people use the address book on their computers, but if so it is a similar process 

This file will be a vcard file...

9.  You can do this....but if you have put the folders in your documents you don't have to.

10.  I doubt many of you have authorized your itunes on your school computer.  If you have and purchase stuff through 7315 and get help if you don't know how.

11.  Do this relatively close to the time of your appointment to turn in your computer.  Allow time if you have LOTS of STUFF!

12.  I assume that if you check YES I use Stickies, they will be preserved!  As a JUST IN CASE....I arrange ALL of my stickies on the desktop and take a screen shot that I save in my documents (rename this photo of stickies).  At least then if they somehow have the information.  Just sayin' !!!

13.  Be sure to write down any applications that are specialized to your situation.  If you aren't 7315 and ask!!!

There you have best "translation" for getting this long list taken care of without too many questions.

You are Welcome!!!

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    End Of Year Schedule

    As I write this......there are only  15 more student days of school left!

    Here is the book check out information for the following weeks!

    This week is a regular book check out week!
    Students in grades 3-4-5 will not be able to check out new books if they have even 1 overdue!!

    Students should return books as usual.
    Students will be allowed 1 new book-if all other materials are turned in.

    All library materials are due.
    Please send your books to the media center each day as they are turned in.

    I will place a sign-up sheet on the counter for you to sign up for a 
    time to bring your kids for a read-a-loud...15-20 minutes!!!
     Please return all BOOK BOX books by Thursday June 6th!
    Please return any teacher materials that you soon as you can live without them!

    The Computer Labs and iPads will be available until the very last kid is gone!!!