Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tumble Books Trial Until Feb. 18

TumbleBook Library may be familiar to you....

If is worth a look!
Cute Spanish!

English too....

We have been accessing this service through the Hennepin County Library.
This is kind of a pain because you need to validate a library card to gain access.

We can subscribe for $500 a year.....and that would be well worth it if you feel that it would be used.

I have signed PSI up for a trial month to see if there is enough interest/use to make the purchase.  

Sooooo......would you....could you try to take a few moments to go to the sight and log in with these credentials?  Then let me know your thoughts.

User Name:  PSITumble   Password: trial

Keep me posted....these might make good stories during book choice when I am busy with testing.

Stay Warm.....

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