Monday, March 24, 2014

A Break Through with the iPads!

Good News on the iPad front! There is finally a way for you to get photos and movies from the student use iPads to a student use computer!

If that is NOT something that has been causing you can stop reading now!

For those of you who have wanted to do something like on to find the surprisingly simple way to do it!

Would you believe it is all about GOOGLE DOCS!?

All of the iPads have an APP called Google Drive.  This gives the user access to his/her Google Docs account.

 Chances are that when you open it, you will find yourself in the account of someone else.  Go down to the left hand corner and open the settings. 
This will let you sign out and sign into your own GoogleDocs.

Like this:

Then.....the most amazing thing!

When you click on the + sign in the top corner of your Google Drive APP on the iPad, you get a choice of whether to use the photos on the iPad Camera Roll or actually take a photo using the camera.  All you do is click upload and these items will now be in your GoogleDocs.

You can even use the camera to take video and directly upload that.

The beauty of this.....especially for older students....they can move photos to their own GoogleDocs to use in activities!

Hope this makes sense....if not....of course I can show you in person!