Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just Gettin' Through the Week!

My Mantra is.....

4 More Days...4 More Days...

We really do need a vacation!
Although, I have so much Christmas Prep left that next week will be busier than this one!

And...there better not be anymore "Indoor Recess"!

I would love it if you would take a minute to post your holiday plans in a comment....That way I can see what you all will be up to!
Me.....Entertaining the first week....Florida to visit my Mom the second week!

Thought you would want to know that I have put the links to 3 fun Holiday themed links on the bottom of the Student Resource Page!

And if all else fails....
Don't forget you can always do SUAC!
(That stands for Shut Up And Color)

And just for a giggle....Here are some photos from the Holiday Make and Take on Friday!

 I think Freddie and Corey might just have a new career if this education deal doesn't work out!

Now I am going to go and start scheduling the NWEA Winter Tests....Arghhhh!