Sunday, April 13, 2014

MCA Testing Reminders!

The MCA Math Tests begin on Monday!
Good News!!!  They are only in the MORNING!
Computer Labs are available for sign out in the afternoon!

Just a few reminders that will make testing go smoother!

We observed something the last time we took MCA Math on-line!

Because the testing went on for such a long became "the norm"!

This resulted in a "let-down" of insistence on quiet behaviors in the hallway!

Blue acetate now covers the lights in the 2nd grade/Computer Lab Hallway!
We hope that this is a visual reminder to be as quiet as possible.

  • Classrooms that normally use the lower level bathrooms for whole class breaks should use the upstairs lavatories during testing times.
  • Please escort or stand by your doorway if your students are using the hallway to transition from one place to another.

 Thanks for your support! 

I want to feel like THIS!



Have a wonderful 4 day week....and don't think you need to do 5 days of WORK!