Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter NWEA MAP Test Schedule

Didn't we JUST get done with MAP Testing?
I guess NOT....because the window for the Winter starts on Monday (Jan. 9)!

I am posting the schedules as I know them at this point!
I need to ask your patience and understanding during the testing weeks.
I have made every effort to avoid scheduling tests during scheduled Library Book Choice times.
If we are going to be able to manage the testing AND library.....something has to give (ME)...
So as much as I love reading aloud and teaching library lessons to your students.....
I just can't do that for the next 3 weeks :(

Lisa and I will make sure that things are ready for your book choice times.  
I would also ask that you remind your students that Lisa cannot answer book location questions AND do book check outs!  Remind them that you can help with locating books.
If you could possibly limit the time you are in the center to 20 minutes that would be wonderful.
If your book choice IS impacted be the testing schedule, I will arrange something with you.

Here is the schedule For Next Week (Grades 3-5 Reading)

And Here is the Schedule for Week 2 (Grades 3-5 Math)

 And Week 3 (Makeups and Grade 2 Reading)