Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Opportunity-request-Begging!

 It is a beautiful day....and Friday besides!
Gather your team....
Come to the Media Center....

Let me take your picture for our wall of "famous" PSI people!

Grade Level Teams, Office Staff, Custodians, Amity Interns...EVERYBODY!

I would like to have the photos reflect our current teams....
All of you!
You can be can be silly! The kids love to look at your photos!
Stop in any time....I will be ready!
And an added benefit!
I will send you the photo for you to use on your Grade level information page on the website!

I really want to be able to finish this before the first Curriculum Night on Tuesday!
I am begging you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learn the Secret Rules of the PSI Media Coffee Club!

Words to live by!

If you are a coffee drinker and would like to know how the "Coffee Club" on!

If you don't drink can go now!

There is almost always coffee brewing in my office. You are always welcome to come have a cup.

This is what you need to know!
  • If you are a regular (you drink a cup every day)....please contribute a can of coffee every so often.
    • we like French Roast (although Freddie like Brazilian Blend)....and since I make the coffee and am allergic to Colombian Beans please do not purchase this :).
    • I will post a sign letting you know when we need more coffee.
    • There is no list you are on your honor to contribute
  • If you only drink coffee once in awhile you can contribute some money.....once in a while....your judgement!
Just a couple other things that often come up!
  • there are cups on the cart....but if you don't wash and return them we run out
  • I do not provide disposable cups
  • If you are a milk or cream drinker, you need to contribute to this fund as well.  (if you eat school lunch and don't usually drink the milk....bring that in)
  • If the pot is empty....ask and I will teach you how to make a fresh pot!
Most important info to remember:
Anyone is welcome....
Now you know all the secret rules!

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Computer Lab This Week!

    Student Accounts are not ready for kids to use yet!

    But....the computers are sitting there ready and waiting!

    Every day this week and next week, I will load the computers with the a guest log in.

    You may sign up to come in and use the computers.

    When students use a guest account they CAN NOT save anything.

    Think of activities that do not require a lot of instruction....
    an internet site, electronic books, math games for instance

    This IS NOT the time for you to have me do the "rules talk" for the computer lab...
    you may sign up for a time that I am scheduled to help another class with book boxes, as you really won't need me.

    As soon as I hear from the tech department about student accounts, I will let you know!